Friday, September 30, 2011

What a kook!

It's such a joy to watch Leah grow.  She's constantly busy exploring, experimenting, and just playing.  Sometimes her "play" gets pretty creative...we often find ourselves asking, "what is she doing?!?!"

Much more interested in dripping water on her belly than eating her "treat" (Lucky Charms)

She loves "sweeping" so much that we recently got her a little Leah-size broom.

It's pretty typical to see some sort of necklace/string/purse around Leah's neck.

She worked on this floor for about 20 minutes straight!  Good work, little girl! 
Dress-up is another favorite she is in one of my aprons!

Love her!

Sadly, the above is a fairly typical daily outfit of mine...I'm thinking that one of these days Dallin will get on a better schedule and I'll find more opportunities to get ready every day :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Park Days

Now that Leah can wander around by herself and is a little more independent, I've been taking her to the park so she can just run free while I hold Dallin.  There is a park practically in our backyard that has the perfect sponge-y turf for a little toddler.  She loves the freedom of running around, and we've been going almost every day for the last couple weeks just to get our fill of the park before the cold winter sets in.

Her favorite activity: pushing the stroller around

She often carries my phone with her while toddling around, jabbering away into it.

And sometimes she'll come back and check in on little brother.

Dallin's favorite thing to do at the playground

Sometimes he wakes up and joins in on the fun!

Love my little baby girl :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prince George's County Fair

These pictures kind of speak for themselves:
Leah had to wait awhile for the ride to start and she got impatient...we could tell she didn't think it was going to be much fun (for all she knew, they were just going to sit there in that elephant for awhile).

Then things started getting going...

I think she ended up liking it!

A few friends of ours joined in the fun

We had a very tired girl by the time the evening was over!

Taking Good Care

Reading Dallin a book 
Buckle up, D-low! (ahem, and pull up your pants, Leah!)

A night out!

I know most people who follow this blog are doing it to stay updated on Leah and Dallin, but indulge us for a moment while we share about our much-anticipated night out (thanks to a kind friend who offered to baby-sit to give us a break for a couple hours).
We started the night heading out to dinner at Olive Garden...

...followed by a walk in the park.

Then on to some bowling.  I discovered I forgot everything from my independent study bowling class at BYU!  I also discovered Dave knew how to bring in quite a few strikes (however, we both have a lot to work on in the bowling arena).

Dave demolished me in the two games we played, but it was still one of my most enjoyable nights out in a long time...and we never even got more than 2 miles away from home!