Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Anniversary - Dave and Katie get away!!!

This last weekend, Dave and I had the opportunity to go on an overnight getaway, just the two of us.  We didn't go far...just thirty minutes away to Washington DC, but we had such an awesome time.  We've done the monuments and the museums and the mall many many times, but neither of us have ever really explored the actual city part of DC.  Turns out it's pretty awesome!  And we're anxious to go back :)
We left early Friday afternoon and took the metro into the city.  I had no idea how hard it would be to leave Leah and Dallin (even though we were leaving them in the hands of WONDERFUL babysitters)...I cried while reading Leah a story before nap time (she looked at me very inquisitively), then cried most of the way to the metro.  It wasn't until later that night when we went to a movie (The Avengers - it was soooo good!) that I really snapped out of it and found myself really able to focus on and enjoy my alone time with my sweet Dave.
Dave booked us a great room at a hotel a couple blocks from the White House. 
Along with a cute sitting room, it also had a random little bar room...but it just had a window and a sink, with nothing in the cupboards.  In fact, when I tried to open one, the door came right off!
Smile if you know what this means!
We had dinner at this cute Italian restaurant in Georgetown.

 After dinner we walked down M street doing a little window shopping and exploring before heading down to the movie.
This is part of the original C&O Canal
 As I mentioned before, we loved the movie and it really helped me snap out of being sad about leaving Leah and Dallin and made me feel really excited about having this time with Dave.  We took a taxi back to our hotel from Georgetown (even though it was only a little over a mile away) and got some late night frozen yogurt before heading to the hotel for a good, uninterrupted night's sleep (a part of the weekend we were VERY much looking forward to!).
When we headed out to hit the town again the next morning, we checked out of our room and left our bags with the bellhop. 
First stop: the White House.
Along with the Eisenhower Executive Building next door. 
It's impressive...I don't know why I hadn't taken much of note of it before.
The front side of the Eisenhower building.

And the front of the White House (always looks so small in pictures!).
From there we decided to go explore another shopping district and on the way, we ran into an Indian wedding.
This wedding party was hopping (quite literally) and was super interesting to see in real life - until now I'd only seen similar things in movies.

Doing a little shopping (which, unfortunately was completely unsuccessful, but we had fun doing it).
You can tell Dave enjoyed it :)

From shopping we went on to Chinatown - I had a major craving for some Asian cuisine.  We ended up having DEEElicious Thai food.
After a full lunch, we headed back to get our bags at the hotel.  For the first time we noticed a plaque on the outside describing the hotel as one of few that was built during World War II.  Coincidentally, it was given its current name the very month Dave was born.
It was a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable and very fun getaway.  Love you, Dave, and happy 3 years!  I can't express how much I look forward to many, many, many more!

One more time!

On Leah and Dallin's actual birthday, we took them out to Red Robin for a fun birthday dinner.  
See?? Don't they look like they're having a blast?!
Once the juice arrived, then the party started! 


First corn dog
Dallin had a blast dancing to the music
Surprisingly, Leah got quite shy when they came to sing to them.  I think it caught her off guard.  Dallin, on the other hand, was intrigued.
 But she certainly didn't mind the ice cream sundae they left for her.
Dallin was a fan, too! 

One of these days I'll give more of an update on Leah and Dallin individually, but for now I'll just say we sure had fun celebrating their birthday a couple times over!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th of July Part 2: Celebrating Independence Day

On the afternoon of the 4th, after Leah and Dallin's naps, we took a car into Annapolis to do some patriotic celebrating in our country's original capitol (it was the official capitol for less than a year before it was moved to Washington DC).

We first went on a small boat ride around the harbor:

Dallin sat contentedly in the stroller nearly the entire ride (about an hour and a half). I think the boat's movement and the setting really calmed him - and it was nice to have him contained somewhere and only worry about one roaming child on the boat.

We first rode the boat up through some beautiful "neighborhoods".  When Annapolis was originally built, all the nice homes were up on the hills and sewage and trash from those homes rode down into the water, so the poorest people lived by the water.  Now, however, you can see that has changed:

These pictures don't do the homes justice. 

Our girl loved the whole ride.  She wandered from here to there and back again on the boat, trying out every seat and every position and every vantage point.  

Another beauty!


A favorite Leah pic

This one tells a lot...there's ALWAYS something on Leah's mind.

The director of some major film lived here, but I'm too tired to remember who right now.

Resting in the spare stroller seat (for like 20 seconds).

Annapolis Harbor

First time seeing one of these!  And he was cruising!

The fireworks barge

Our super nice captain (or as Dave likes to call him, the "Skipper"!)

Settling into yet another new position.

No doubt the amusement on their faces is because of something Leah's doing (Dallin can be amusing too, but as I said, he was strapped to the stroller most of the trip... pictured here)

It was pretty tiring following Leah around the boat as she moved from place to place!

An old convent (now turned hotel)

Moments before this picture was taken, Leah was stretched out in the perfect luxuriously relaxing sunbathing pose...we were sorry we didn't catch it on camera, but the pose was so perfect, we had to keep this after-picture to remember it by!

Still in the stroller...and content.

If there is a pacifier, Leah will find it.
After awhile I took pity on Dallin's confinement and pulled him onto my lap.  It was incredibly hot, but I still loved snuggling with my boy.
After awhile, Grammy fell asleep.  Leah made sure that didn't last too long.

Before we could stop her she woke her with a great big hug!

The six of us
After the boat ride we walked around Annapolis a bit and then settled down on Main Street to wait for the parade.  It was such a hot, hot, hot, hot day, so we did our best to cool off with slushies and lemonades...and my dad bought a hat.
Greeting Grammy and Granddad when they got back from buying the hat.

As you'll see from the next series of pictures, Leah entertained herself quite a bit by running around, trying out new poses and dance moves, and interacting with the crowd in general.  

But she always came back for some refreshment.
P.S. Anyone seen Dallin's pants???  It was so hot, I decided a diaper was sufficient clothing that afternoon.

She looks like a little girl here!  Where did baby Leah go????
I tried my best to keep Dallin entertained in one spot.  He really wanted to crawl around but the ground was too hot and dirty for his little baby legs.  But we were sitting there for over an hour before the parade started...keeping him happy was no piece of cake.

With people lined up on either side of it for the parade, Leah treated that big empty street like her own personal stage.

She kept doing this silly walk where she kept her chin glued to her shoulder.  It looked like some strange model stride.

Still doing it!

And now, for a pose!

Aaaand back to the strut.

She wasn't afraid to wander far (but she always kept us within sight).  This picture is zoomed in on the camera, and then zoomed in and cropped on the computer as well, so you can imagine how far she was!

Life's exhausting when you're Leah. 
(or when you're taking care of Leah!)

Still waiting!  (I love the look on Leah's face as Dallin is trying to pull her hair)

And I love how Dallin is looking up at his Grammy in this photo.

The whole troop again.

Leah wanted Dad to dance with her for a bit.

Love this Dad and his boy.

Lots of the kids had pop-its and other 4th of July celebration toys.  Leah was fascinated (and I felt bad we didn't have anything for her - though she seemed content watching other kids with theirs).

That's a confident walk if I ever saw one.

Finally!  The parade!
Leah emphatically waving and calling out, "Hi! Hi!"

Dallin and Leah both loved all the trucks that passed by.

I especially loved seeing Dallin's little pointing finger when he particularly liked something.

We didn't make it long enough to catch the fireworks and we were all anxious to get home.  But Leah was sure to tell her Granddad she loved him...
...and gave him a special thank you kiss for the super fun day he gave us all!