Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Weekend, Day 2

Note: before reading this post, you may want to get the background from the previous post, Memorial Weekend, Day 1.

Sunday morning came WAY too soon.  We were EXHAUSTED!!  Here's what our morning looked like, in all our loveliness:

Why is it that NOW he will lay his head down and relax???

We knew there were two wards meeting at the local church, and the first was at 9, but since the kids slept until 8:30 (and since we hardly slept at all), we knew making it to that ward wasn't likely for us.  But we were confused about the meeting time of the other ward.  Anyone familiar with our meetings knows that we meet in 3-hour blocks, with a little over an hour of sacrament meeting and about an hour each of Sunday School and Auxiliary meetings.  But the second ward's website was incredibly said their first meeting was at 1:00, their worship service was at 4:00, Sunday school was at 10:15, and Relief Society/Priesthood (auxiliary meetings) were at 11:00.  With none of those times making any sense whatsoever, Dave started calling that ward's bishop a few days before our trip.  And he kept calling him.  And he tried calling the other ward's bishop, but neither of them ever responded (until a week later!) the end of this long, drawn out story is that we never made it to church that Sunday, but not for lack of effort on our part!
So after a simple in-room breakfast of cereal and bananas, we set out to explore the grounds around our hotel.  

Have you ever seen a happier jaunt?
The hotel was surrounded by docks, and it was a little unnerving having Leah running around on them.  The girl falls ALL the time (because she won't stop running) and constantly has skinned knees to show for it (and will NEVER let me put band-aids on them - she only likes band-aids on her hands when there is no reason to put them there.  I tried to force it once and she couldn't get over it - she was miserable until I finally took them back off.  I thought baind-aids make kids feel better!?!) 

 After our walk, we explored the island a little more, grabbed some lunch, then went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit and try to get the kids down for a much needed nap.

Sadly, just because the kids needed a nap didn't mean they would take one.  We tried for about an hour and a half and couldn't get them to settle down, despite the blackout curtains and our sincerest efforts.  This was when we decided maybe we needed to get the whole family home for some good sleep so we could still enjoy our last full vacation day together.

So we packed up while Leah and Dallin played.

The curtains were an entertainment favorite, especially since you could see through them, even after being wrapped up!

Of course D-man had to join in on the fun!

 I'm happy to report that both kids fell asleep on the way home, so it was a peaceful drive, and everyone slept VERY well that night.  Even though we couldn't get our money back for that second night at the hotel, we were glad we came home...but we were also glad we made the effort to take the trip in the first place!

I don't know how other families do it, but we're ready to wait awhile before we try another hotel trip together!!!!

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